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TeamExpert - club and league websites
Football club / football league websites

 Websites for football clubs, football leagues, business

Create a website for your football club, football league, business or organisation.
TeamExpert football club and league websites

TeamExpert Websites v.2.0

Build a website that is easy to update and maintain through our online control panel!
TeamExpert websites are suitable for football clubs, football leagues, hockey clubs, hockey leagues, businesses, churches, charities and other organisations.

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TeamExpert websites allow you to create and run a website for your business, organisation, football club or football league, without requiring any knowledge about how to create, design or code a website.

Our system is suitable for businesses, charities, churches, football clubs, football leagues, hockey clubs, hockey leagues, and other organisations. Contact us now to check if our system would suit your requirements for your website.

Once you have your site, simply login to the control panel and use the controls there to add and update your content. Add news items, photos, contacts, polls, links, videos, payments pages, and select the colour scheme of your site.

There are no adverts on our websites either! The only exception is our small TeamExpert logo.

You can also use your own domain name as your actual website address - other systems require you to use web forwarding to an address that includes their domain name.

TeamExpert websites:
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Create an easy to maintain website for your football club, football league, hockey club, business, church or non-profit organisation!

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TeamExpert websites

"The website has become a terrific communication tool that looks good and equally important, is very easy to administrate. Functions are clear and simple and with the support of Stephen no job is too big or difficult.
So much easier to use than our previous site and cheaper!
All local football clubs should have one!"
Rick Brant, Chairman
Horsham Baptists FC

"The website has been a great success. It's probably the best thing that has happened to our club for a while."
Mike Drabble, Secretary & Treasurer, Artois United FC

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"A system so good we bought two!"

"Having already built and maintained one TeamExpert website for St Benets Wasps FC since 2010, I was already aware of the system's capabilities. In four years, over 50,000 hits were registered and the club communication and our public profile was transformed with the introduction of the website. So when the club merged in 2014 and a second website was required for Beccles Town FC there was only one system on the shortlist.

"The TeamExpert software was upgraded in spring 2014 and this latest version is unbelievably good. Capabilities and options to the user have grown immensely. There are some well thought out improvements and additions that present the user with a really useful toolbox to present a comprehensive website that can include input from third parties with a clever system of security levels.

"After 4 years of running the systems for two clubs, the software may have changed but one thing hasn't changed, the phenomenal level of after sales support from CSS. Always helpful, quick to reply and brilliant for troubleshooting and suggestions to make your website as good as you can make it. No unwanted advertising... you won't find yourself selling sports drinks, promoting gambling or anything else unless you choose to.

"I would endorse the system to anyone wanting a football club website, you won't find a better system out there, and certainly not at the price of TeamExpert."

Mark Allen, Webmaster
Beccles Town Football Club

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TeamExpert football websites:

All TeamExpert football websites include the following features:

  • Online control panel with multi user access.
  • Customised website with choice of colour scheme.
  • Ability to record complete details of your league or your club.
  • Automatic generation of player statistics from the match details you enter.
  • Photo albums, downloads page, online shop, online polls, accept payments, discussion forum.
  • Find out more

Football club websites could be run by a player, the manager, a committee member or perhaps even a fan of the club. In fact, a club could have both an official website and an unofficial fan club site both run on the TeamExpert system!

The League TeamExpert system is more than just a website, it is also an administration system for your league, allowing you to track clubs, players and match details, along with league tables.

The League system includes our TeamExpert fixture generator to allow you, at the push of a button, to create a full set of fixtures for your league, with the option of assigning referees at random to each match.

TeamExpert screenshots:

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E-mail or call him on 01505 358223 to discuss your requirements.

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TeamExpert football club and football league websites
"Now every club and league can have a professional website."